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432 Hz

Have you ever thought about the influence that sound and music has on your everyday experiences? If you haven’t, let’s think about the daily sounds that enter your life. Everything from the aggravating yard workers waking you up at 7am to the music about sex and drugs you listen to on your way to work. The Joe Rogan podcast, Eckhart Tolle webinar, and band practice from the garage across the street all have an impact in your life because they are all resonating a specific frequency. Meditators have long been aware of the benefits of the influence of sound frequencies around them so they have incorporated 432 Hz to help heal and regain balance into their lives.


With meditation coming to the forefront of medicine and healing techniques, brain entrainment and sound healing are becoming a hot topic too. What gives with using 432 Hz to heal?
Without making this feel like a history, science, and math lesson let’s keep this simple. In 1952 the German scientist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered the Earth’s electromagnetic field resonates at around 8 Hz.


By doing some musical math, if we take 8Hz as our starting point and work upwards by five octaves we reach a frequency of 256Hz in whose scale the note A has a frequency of 432Hz. This has been scientifically approved to be “scientific tuning.”
So if you are able to expose yourself to more of the natural frequencies of the earth, at 432 Hz, we will feel more in tune with the universe around us. This will keep us staying peaceful, conscious, and balanced.


432 hz sand

Using science to our advantage

Brain entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain into a specific desired state. The brain responds to certain sounds, lights, or electromagnetic fields, but we will focus specifically on how sound is used for brain entrainment and healing techniques.
Our brain is susceptible to 5 different frequencies or brain waves. When you meditate you are bringing the brain to a specific frequency to be able to relax and feel calm. The goal with meditation is to bring our brain to the theta brain state. Theta brain waves are the beginning of the meditative brain state. They allow you to relax, while harnessing your body’s natural ability to listen to your intuition, become more creative, and ultimately rid your body of stress.

The 5 brain states are as followed:

Gamma waves: Frequency range 40 Hz to 100 Hz
  • Involved in processing information, learning, and memory
  • State best used when high active states are necessary to learn, memorize, or work
  • Stimulation can occur by jumping or dancing around (Ever see a Tony Robbins event?)
Beta waves: Frequency range 12 Hz to 40 Hz
  • Most associated with our normal working day
  • Associated with pre frontal cortex which involves the “thinking mind”
  • State best used for analytics, planning, accessing, categorizing, and socializing
Alpha waves: Frequency range 8 Hz to 12 Hz
  • Gap between conscious thinking and subconscious mind
  • Helps us to calm down and feel deeply relaxed
  • May become reflective, slightly less aware, and lucid
  • Experienced after a good massage or yoga class
Theta waves: Frequency range 4 Hz to 8 Hz
  • Very powerful state, accessed during meditation
  • Makes the move from thinking and planning to a more meditative mind
  • Connects us with our more deep and raw emotions
  • The right amount of theta waves improve intuition, creativity, and feeling refreshed
Delta waves: Frequency range 0 Hz to 8 Hz
  • Slowest brain waves recorded in human brain
  • Associated with deepest level of relaxation and restorative sleep
  • Tibetan monks were easily able to reach this state, otherwise very difficult unless a master meditator
  • Extremely beneficial for our immune system
It is possible to manipulate sound to create these different brain waves in our brain. In my meditations, especially for beginners, I use binaural beats to create the desired effect. Binaural beats are a form of sound wave therapy in which the right and left ears perceive two different frequencies but the brain interprets the difference in the two frequencies to be the one you perceive.


For example, if the right ear hears a frequency of 436 Hz and the left hear hears a frequency of 428 Hz then the brain perceives the difference to be a brain wave of 8 Hz at 432 Hz frequency. The benefits of binaural beats include:
  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased focus
  • sustained concentration
  • increased motivation
  • higher confidence
  • better meditation
  • increased mood
I should mention to you that there is a risk of over exposure. These kinds of effects are different for everyone. You should be in tune with your body to know what is good for you and what is not. Starting out with just a couple of minutes a day is a good way to begin incorporating this method into your life, but be careful to monitor how your body feels and responds.

432 Hz In History

tibetan singing bowl 432 hz
My own Tibetan singing bowl on my altar
Classic composers had information about the scientific tuning of 432 Hz long before their time. There is evidence that Tibetan monks used this tuning in their hand instruments. Jamie Butruff, a sound researcher, played Tibetan monks’ singing bowls and found through a Korg tuner that the bowls were tuned to the 432 Hz music scale.


Tibetan monks singing bowls have been known to provide sound healing for centuries. Their attunements have been used in meditation forms for centuries, putting the meditator in a deep, relaxed state. They would be in that state while still being in tune and aware of there surroundings. These are the great healers of our world and prime examples of how we can incorporate peace and tranquility into our lives. If they were using 432 Hz to heal and come into a meditative state then we should emulate their formula for healing the mind and body.



The Italian composer, Guiseppe Verdi, played his A note at exactly 432 Hz. He found this note to be particularly soothing when paired with his opera voices. They produced harmonic sound together. This combination led his music to be revelled at even today, not only by Italians but by musicians world wide!

Will you take advantage of Age old Wisdom?

I highly encourage you to become aware of what you are listening to, and particularly, how it makes you feel. Sure you can get a better workout if you listen to trap hip hop or that new Drake track which is fine. But I recommend you take some time to counter that with 3-4 minutes of music tuned to 432 Hz to maintain a balance. Notice how you feel your body respond to the changes in mood and energy. Ask yourself some questions after wrapping up a short session of relaxing to music tuned to 432 Hz.


Especially if you’re interested in meditation already then this is something you should experiment with. Personally I incorporate a Tibetan singing bowl into some of my meditations. They are a way to access sound healing; to be fully present in the moment without judging a sound, just experiencing it. It is an easy way to come more fully into the moment. I may also put on a 432 Hz track and meditate. For beginners this is an extremely beneficial way to put your mind and body in a state of relaxation suitable for meditation. It can be a fast track for your body to become familiar with the meditative state. Then as you become more experienced you will be able to access that state more easily on your own. The benefits are there for you. The science backs it up. Are you willing to do what it takes to heal your mind and body?


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